Firstly, I would like to describe myself as an ordinary woman… But I am not.

For all my life I have been a solitary twin. I have always wanted to do everything for two. Unsure whether this is a positive or a negative,
it has shaped me to who I am today, as well as who I am professionally - characterized as a multifaceted artist.

After completing my Bachelor of Graphic Design with 2 votes of distinction (yahu! :D) and a Postgraduate Diploma of Typography,
I became interested in Photography, where I continued to study a second Post Graduate Diploma of Aesthetics of Photography,
spending much more of my free time taking photographs.

Contrasting to my mature professional skills and creativity, my friends often tell me I have the spirit of a child…
energy that is coming across in much more of my creative work.

I am an experienced Art Director (in advertising and design companys in Chile and Film Director Assistant 
(film-mood scouting and Director interpretation designer.  Look&feel commercial designer - in Berlin, Germany 2022).

I have the skills and experience working alongside clients with Branding, Brandbooks and Corporate image services.
Additionally, I have expertise in searching for suitable images and videos to create advanced moodboards for the right looks,
as well as designing film production treatments and concepts for successful pitches.

My broad range of experience gives me the advantage of having a perpetual vision of what Art Direction is.
Thus I am able to create final products of great quality  and value from different objectives of design.

Believing that my strong educational background and extensive experience makes me an appropriate candidate to work with you.
I like to work in a team, but I am also comfortable working on my own. Furthermore, as a good communicator,
super creative and detail oriented, I hope you like my work.

If you want us working together please write me an email to

I wish you a wonderful day,
Kind regards,